The Best Sherlock Holmes Edition, with Sidney Paget Illustrations

As a longtime fan of Sherlock Holmes, I was intrigued by the image of the man himself. Sherlock has seen countless representations over the years. The original stories were published in the Strand magazine, and illustrated by Sidney Paget. I had read the original stories, but longed to see the illustrations that accompanied them.

Little did I know that an edition exists which contains all the original Strand stories, with the illustrations by Sidney Paget. It’s called The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes. It is a beautiful edition (buy it in print, the kindle formatting is not good). It’s hardcover – rather large, but easy enough to read and durable. The formatting is magazine size, and the illustrations are interspersed with the text. The typesetting is beautiful, and this book is a pleasure to read. Mr. Paget’s illustrations really add to the stories. The best part is that this book costs less than $10 on amazon. Every Sherlock Holmes fan should have this.

I’ve accompanied this book with an excellent guide to Holmes’ London: Sherlock Holmes in London, by Charles Viney. Mr. Viney painstakingly perused photographs of Victorian London to find the locales mentioned in each story, around the date of the story. They offer wonderful examples of architecture as Mr. Conan Doyle would have seen it while writing his stories.

This book is out of print, and unfortunately may be a bit hard to find. If you can’t get a hold of the original, you may be able to find the reprint: The Authentic World of Sherlock Holmes.



The importance of taking breaks + varying your work

I was away all August, and upon returning found I had an email backlog, and a messy house. I was also doing a lot of consulting, so I found it hard to find the time to take care of these things. I just finished a very busy weekend where I taught a course in another […]

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How To Take A Cold Shower (Or Do Anything You Don’t Want To Do)

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking cold showers. You feel instantly alert, and whenever I take regular cold showers, I lose fat. They’re really not bad once you’re in them. So it must be easy for me to do, right? I’ve been doing this for a while now. No! Getting into a cold shower is […]

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Why I’m Not Upgrading My iPhone

Until two days ago, I was set to buy the iPhone 5. I have the iPhone 4. My phone had started to feel big, and it was slowing down. It’s been two generations. Why not upgrade? It made sense as a business case. I use my phone often enough that I would save much time […]

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Minimal Wallet (Stuff I like)

If you’re like most guys, you probably have a lot of stuff in your pockets. And unfortunately, it’s not wads of cash. It’s plastic, and coins. Modern wallets are huge. You’ve got coins, bills, credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, etc. Following my brother’s lead, I got rid of the coins, and never looked back. […]

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Jerry Seinfeld had some productivity advice. To keep writing jokes, he put a big calendar up on the wall. Every day he met his writing goal, he put an X on that day. After a while, the X’s formed a chain. It looked nice. Your job is not to break that chain. It’s great advice, […]

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Moving Towards The Mountain

You may have seen Neil Gaimen’s commencement speech last week. If not, ignore the rest of this post and watch the video now. The entire speech is great. But I was struck by Gaimen’s “moving towards the mountain” metaphor. He gave me words to describe what I’ve been doing for the past year and a […]

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Why You Should Track Your Monthly Bills and Subscriptions

Unless you live in isolation on top of a mountain, you pay many bills each month. Internet, cell phone, cable, online subscriptions, insurance, electricity, etc. These bills have multiplied now that you can subscribe to services on the internet. Do you know how much you spend, when the billing dates are, and how you pay […]

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Quebec Students Know How To Protest

There have been 12 or so weeks of student protests here in Quebec. The government plans to increase tuition by around 75% over five years. The new tuition will still be very low, around $3,000, but the students are quite upset. If that makes little sense to you, let’s just say that cultural expectations are […]

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Why I’m Reconnecting To The Internet

For thirty days, I’ve had no home internet connection. I had no internet on my phone, either. I only connected in cafés. I’ve decided to reconnect. You may be thinking “of course!”, but there were actually quite a few pros to not having a connection. Under different conditions, I would stay without internet. Why I […]

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