The importance of taking breaks + varying your work

I was away all August, and upon returning found I had an email backlog, and a messy house. I was also doing a lot of consulting, so I found it hard to find the time to take care of these things.

I just finished a very busy weekend where I taught a course in another city. I returned today, and found both of these weighed me down.

But, I was completely unable to deal with the email. I felt drained of energy, and wanted to go to bed. I realized I had been pushing myself too hard.

I made dinner, and watched a movie. After dinner, I put on some nice music, cleaned up a bit, and read a book. Now I feel very refreshed. I’m writing this down so I remember to take a break.

There’s no point in pushing yourself too far. You don’t get anything done, and you keep yourself drained of energy and potential. Varying the type of work you do can help though. I’ve had low level stress for a couple of weeks due to the mess in my apartment. Cleaning that replenished my energy, rather than drained it. And now I feel restored as I drink tea and read.

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