Minimal Wallet (Stuff I like)

If you’re like most guys, you probably have a lot of stuff in your pockets. And unfortunately, it’s not wads of cash.

It’s plastic, and coins. Modern wallets are huge. You’ve got coins, bills, credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, etc.

Following my brother’s lead, I got rid of the coins, and never looked back. I bought a wallet that only carried cards and money.

It was good, for a while. But then my brother showed me a neoprene card holder from Mec.

It’s the greatest “wallet” I’ve ever used. I don’t carry cash anymore. Instead, I have:

  • Business credit card
  • Personal Credit Card
  • Business Debit Card
  • Personal Debit Card
  • Metro Card (Subway)
  • Health Card (Photo ID in Quebec)

That’s it. I hardly notice that I have it. It’s incredibly easy to take out of my pocket, and fast to find the cards.

It’s been discontinued, but you can place a bulk order on Alibaba if you truly want one….

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